Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus smartphones are suffering from a hardware malfunction. If your iPhone 6 Plus has flickering gray bars at the top of the screen or unresponsive touch screen, you have Touch Disease.

The problem is caused by a design flaw in the iPhone 6 Plus, the phone is flexible and it bends pretty easily. The logic board is held firmly to the frame so whatever bending that takes place also flexes the logic board. Over time, this causes the touch controller to separate and lose contact with the main logic board.

There are two touch controllers on the iPhone 6 Plus,  Meson (U2402) and Cumulus (U2401).

Meson (left) and Cumulus (right)

The only real cure to this problem is to remove the Meson chip using heat, then run a microjumper to the damaged M1 pad once the microjumper is in place the final step is to replace the Meson chip. Below is a picture that was taken at our workshop.



Unlike fixing a broken screen or replacing the battery, repairing the touch controller is not routine service. There aren’t a lot of repair services capable of fixing it. At Sydney Microsoldering we have repaired hundreds of these phones affected by this disease! We are one of the few in Australia that specialise in micro-soldering techniques with our state of the art repair equipment. If your phone has Touch Disease and would like to get your device repaired simply Request a Repair and we will get back to you with a quote.