Our Story : Sydney Microsoldering

Sydney MicroSoldering was established in 2011, after our technician James developed an interest in intricate motherboard work using advanced micro-soldering techniques. After countless board repairs and hours and hours under his microscope, he soon realised that there was little he could not fix. With his new found interest in micro-soldering and high success rates in fixing “irreparable” devices, he opened the doors to other repair companies who were stuck with these complex issues! Soon enough Sydney Microsoldering came about – here we are proudly serving other repair shops and the community to get peoples devices up and running again!

Sydney Microsoldering is an online business primarily doing mail-in mother board repairs for other repair shops. This idea arose from the reality that not all technicians have the time to invest in learning these complex board repairs- but never fear, that is why we are here!

We also serve many DIY customers when they run into trouble with their repairs, or were not able to get their device fixed at their local repair store. In addition, we are also open to the general public (Australia Wide!) with standard iPad/tablet, iPhone/Android, Laptop and iPod screen replacements and general repairs. All our repairs are submitted online and completed through a mail-in, mail-out service – no fuss guaranteed!

We can repair almost any board level problem, and if not we can tell you exactly what is wrong with it. Not sure if this is the right service for you? Simply ‘Request a Repair’ and we will happily get back to you with the answer you are after.

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